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Welcome to the Arlee Theater

Arlee Theater, Inc. in Mason City, Illinois has been created to provide a Christian-based entertainment and educational venue for all people of the local community.

It is the Arlee goal to fill a variety of purposes, primarily to provide entertainment by showing classic movies without the overt and excessive use of profanity, nudity and violence, and to provide a forum for live stage entertainment suited for families.

Arlee, Inc. intends to work with the local school district, the Mason City Area Nursing Home and other local entities to offer the facility for educational and outreach programs.

In general, the Arlee Theater building will be used to serve the community. While not every program at the Arlee must be religious in nature, the theater will not stage programs inconsistent with the Christian faith.

To contact us:
Arlee Theater
139 S. Main Street
Mason City, IL 62664
Phone: 217-482-9999
E-mail: jmaxson@arleetheater.com
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